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Audie Award

2017 Audie Award Winner

Excellence in Design 


Society of Botanical Artists

Fellow Member

The American Society of Botanical Artists

Chapter member of The New England Society of Botanical Artists

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
Association of  Botanical Artists


The University of Connecticut

BFA in Illustration, 2011


The Botanical Artist
Journal of the American Society of Botanical Artists, September 2021, Vol. 27, Issue 3

The Artist in the Studio, Pg. 28-29.
American Society of Botanical Artists 
Celebrating Silver,  25th Anniversary Edition, 2019.
Tillandsia xerographica, Pg. 24.
A.J. Turgeon; J.E. Kaminski.
Turfgrass Management, Edition 1.0., 2019.
Full Illustrations for Book.
Machnicki, Catherine E. ;  Fu, Fanfan;  Jing, Lin;  Chen, Po-Yen; and  Wong, Ian Y.  Mechanochemical engineering of 2D materials for multiscale biointerfaces.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B.  2019,  Pg. 5,  Fig 2. 
Anderson, G.J.; Anderson M.K.J.; Patel, N. The ecology, evolution, and biogeography of dioecy in the genus Solanum: With paradigms from the strong dioecy in Solanum polygamum, to the unsuspected and cryptic dioecy in Solanum conocarpum. 
American Journal of Botany. 2015, 105 (3), pp. 471 – 486. 
Budke, J.; Goffiney, B.; and Jone, C.S. The cuticle on the gametophyte calyptra matures before the sporophyte cuticle in the moss Funaria hygrometrica (Funariaceaa).
American Journal of Botany. 2012, 99 (1), pp. 14-22. 
Williams, G. C.; Hoeksema, B. W.; and Ofwegen, L. A Fifth Morphological Polyp in Pennatulacean Octocorals, with a Review of Polyp Polymorphism in the Genera Pennatula and Pteroeides (Anthozoa: Pennatulidae).
Zoological studies. 2012, 51(7), pp 1006-1017. 
Williams G. C. The Global Diversity of Sea Pens (Cnidaria: Oxtocorallia: Pennatulacea).
PLoS one. 2011, 6 (7): e22747. 
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