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Jessica is an internationally exhibited and published artist with a love for detail, story telling and composition in all her pieces. Her work varies from Botanical Illustration to Book Cover Design. 



Jessica's botanical work ranges in mediums from watercolor, oil to ink.  Jessica's intention, as a Botanical Illustrator,  is to capture a plants moment in life that showcases not only it's stunning colors, but also it's grace in natural composition. 

Jessica's botanical work of the 'Abutilon Megapotamicum Variegatum,' was selected to be apart of the 2020 Florilegium, 'Gathering Flowers' at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Inverleith House in Edinburg, Scotland.  Her most recent works of the Faded Quick Fire Hydrangea, Black Barlow Columbine and Camellia Japonica, have been exhibited in the 25th, 24th and 23rd Annual International Exhibitions, with the American Society of Botanical Artists, 2022, 2021 and 2020. Jessica's Scientific Illustration work can also  be found in Magazines, Scientific Journals and research papers for; Fine Gardening Magazine, The California Academy of Sciences, The American Journal of Botany, Brown University, Penn State University and The University of Connecticut.



Jessica has 10 years experience creating book cover designs for over 1000 Audiobooks. Jessica was recognized with the Audiobook Industry's highest Award, an Audie Award, in 2017, for Excellence in Design. She continues to work on book cover designs for a variety of genres including;  Historical, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance, Memoir, Self-Help and Mystery. 

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