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Services and Pricing Guide

Thank you for looking at our services page! Below is a general guideline for project based pricing. Before any project starts an estimated quote will be sent out and approved upon between myself and the customer. While a project is in process, multiple in process and draft images will be sent out. 

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Designs start at $250 per cover design. Prices varies depending on complexity of design, research, and formats needed (Front cover only, Full package (front cover spine and back cover, Audible Image, etc.)

Animal Portrait

Animal portaits start at $250 on an 8x10 canvas, prices increase depending on size, and complexity. All photos provided for reference must be high resolution and clear to reference from.

Print Pricing

Several of my botanical illustrations are available for a limited print sale. Below is the pricing for prints and corresponding sizes

Rudbeckia: $60, 8x8 inches

Belinda Antique Rose: $60- 11x14 inches

Black Barlow: $60- 11x14 inches

Xerographica: $800 11x14 inches

Black Berries: $60 10x10 inches

Botanical and Scientific Illustration

-Ink line & stipple illustrations start at $150 per specimen

-Full Watercolor starts at $300 per specimen

*Complexity of the the full botanical or Scientific plate will vary the cost. All rights to the image will be owned by the customer, and original painting will be sent upon completion if requested.

Inforgraphics and Scientific Schematics

Inforgraphics are charged based on an hourly rate of $35 per hr. A quote will be provided after initial consult of project.

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